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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: The content provided here is from the many discussions that took place at the International Lung Cancer Summit (ILCS) 2022, on October 7th 2022. Therefore, any statements mentioned are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice and are for informational purposes to healthcare professionals only.

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The power of pathology: biomarkers and targets we are testing today

Sabina Berezowska (Switzerland)

The many faces of EGFR mutations: each a different target

Alessandra Curioni (Switzerland)

ALK: old known with new expanded therapeutic options

Sze-Wai Chan (South Africa)

Drugging the undruggables: the advent of KRAS and HER2 in NSCLC

Jair Bar (Israel)

METex14 and RET: important oncogenic factors for our treatment decision

Jordi Remón (France)

Immunotherapies in good companionship: where do combination therapies make sense in advanced NSCLC – and where not?

Jarushka Naidoo (Ireland)


OS vs. DFS in early NSCLC

Disease free survival is an adequate endpoint for immuno- and targeted therapies in adjuvant NSCLC

Noemi Reguart (Spain)


OS vs. DFS in early NSCLC

OS is the only meaningful endpoint – also for adjuvant therapies

Wolf-Dieter Janthur (Switzerland)

The path of immunotherapies to early NSCLC: my choice in stage I -III

Sandip Patel (USA)

Small Cell Lung Cancer: what are our options for SCLC in 1st and 2nd line today?

Stephen V. Liu (USA)